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Why Use A Wedding Celebrant?

If you and your partner make the perfect match for marriage, why not choose the perfect mix of service and ceremony with your family and friends?

I can help you with a unique ceremony that includes the things you want it to.

The Simple Solution To A Perfect Wedding

What The Law Requires

All the law requires for a marriage to be legal is a short exchange of vows and a signing of the register in the presence of an authorised person and two witnesses. This need take only a matter of minutes.

So, with the legal requirements covered, the rest is completely up to you.

Or is it?

There is a problem:

Most authorised persons are unable to accommodate a wedding that includes all the variety of items that you may want included in your ceremony. A registry office wedding cannot usually include any religious elements or those that are “a bit on the long side”, whilst at a church wedding there will usually be a reluctance to include anything that strays too far from the traditional religious service.

There Is A Simple Solution

Have the legal registry on one day, and the service and celebration of your choice on another, or even later the same day.


A Strange Idea?

This is not so strange as it may sound.

The law requires every birth, marriage and death to be registered, but traditionally the birth registry has taken place on a different day to the naming ceremony, and the death registry has always taken place on a different day to the funeral. In a similar way there is no reason why the marriage registry cannot be carried out on a different day to the wedding.

By doing it this way your service and celebration becomes so much more flexible.


Your Simple Solution

As a recognised Independent Celebrant I can guide you through what you need to from a legal perspective, and then help you put together the wedding ceremony of your chosing.

It can be quiet and romantic, wild and wacky, and as long as you want it.



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