Baby Naming Ceremonies

Baby Naming or Welcoming


In every culture there is a ceremony to welcome a new addition to the tribe or family and to give the child its name. In fact in our multi-cultural age we now talk about a “given name” rather than a “Christian name”.

What’s In A Name?

The name is important; it is what identifies us to our family, to the community and the world at large. In some cultures such as in tribal cultures the name has great significance and for the Chinese every symbol that makes up the name is chosen with great care.

Throughout history and around the many varied and diverse cultures of the World there are many traditions surrounding the naming of a child. For a very interesting article on Baby Naming Traditions – CLICK HERE.

In the UK baby welcoming has been led by the Christian Religion where babies are baptised, often because that is the family tradition and not because of any particularly strong faith by the parents.

But not everyone wants their child inducted into a religion but choose instead to welcome the child into the family and then, when they are older, they are able to follow a faith of their choosing or none. So a baby naming ceremony is a lovely and meaningful alternative to christening.

It can also be a wonderful way to welcome an adopted child into the heart of the family.

Baby Naming Ceremonies by Peter Wyllie

I will create a unique ceremony just for you and your child(ren); one that reflects your values and your wishes and dreams for their future.

Readings, poetry, music and symbolism combine to make a meaningful and memorable ceremony that will be remembered by everyone who takes part.

Promises are made by Parents, Guide-Parents, and Grandparents; those who will surround you and the child with their love and protection and be there to support you in the future.

Everyone taking part receives a lovely certificate to keep as a memento of the day and as a reminder of the promises they made.

Where Can A Baby Naming Ceremony Take Place?

You can choose the place and the time that is best for you.

The beauty of a baby naming is that you can hold the ceremony wherever you would like – so in the past I have conducted these in homes, gardens, beside a lake, in a hotel, in the cellar bar of a country inn, in a club and even in a country house.

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