Independent Funeral Celebrant

As an Independent Funeral Celebrant I conduct funeral services throughout Northamptonshire and the East Midlands area. Each ceremony is individually written and created to honour the person who has died in a dignified and fitting tribute, focusing on everything that made them special and unique.

For many people today, their lifestyle means that traditional religion has played less of a part than in the past. This means, perhaps, that a typical funeral service conducted by a minister of religion is not always appropriate as a celebration for the deceased or their family.

I will create a unique funeral celebration; one which is just right for the individual.


Part-Religious Funerals

Whilst not formally associated with any particular church or style of Christian religion many people nevertheless have a faith and , despite not recognising any particular organised body, still want to include elements of faith expression within the service. These expressions may include hymns, prayers, readings or poetry that have a particular significance to either the deceased or those attending the funeral.

This type of funeral honours the existence of Jesus and the belief structure of Christianity and is ideal when the deceased person’s background was Christian but where they were not a churchgoer.


Non-Religious Services

This is a funeral service without mention of, or reference to, any form of religion or after-life. It is based around humanist values. It is important to remember though, even if the person who has died may have been agnostic or atheist, there may be other people attending the funeral who have faith and it is considerate to honour both sides accordingly.

If you feel it is appropriate, a short period of quiet reflection can be included within the service to allow those who may have religious beliefs to say a silent prayer.

If the service is conducted at a crematorium then, on request, crosses or other religious symbols can be removed from the chapel before the service.



Spiritual Services

Many people have a strong spiritual side to their lives but are unsure how to express this within the traditional structures. I will conduct funeral services which reflect the individual’s level of belief, whatever that may be.

Participants are welcome to suggest hymns, readings and music, whether religious or secular, which will make the ceremony more personal and moving.



New Age & Holistic Services

In this modern world, some people prefer a blending of many beliefs; often referred to as New Age or Holistic.

I can conduct funerals which honour the principles of reincarnation and spirit presence. This may include music, chanting, meditation, ritual or angelic and energy-focused ceremonies.


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